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Governor, Assembly Republicans agree to sales tax holiday and child tax rebate

Assembly Republicans and Governor Walker have struck a deal on a proposal to provide taxpayers with a one-time tax credit of $100 per child and a one-time sales tax holiday for purchases of $100 or less. This agreement replaces an earlier plan proposed by the governor to create an ongoing, annual child tax credit.

While Republicans who firmly control the state Assembly are on board, the future of the proposal in the GOP-controlled state Senate, however, is uncertain.

According to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau), it’s unclear whether Senate Republicans will support it.  Fitzgerald said he will discuss the proposal with his members Tuesday.

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Gov. Walker will highlight K-12 investments in State of the State address

Gov. Scott Walker will highlight K-12 investments in his State of the State speech this afternoon (Jan. 24 at 3pm) to a joint session of the state legislature.  These themes will likely be similar to what he shared with state education convention attendees last Friday. You can watch the speech live on Wisconsin Eye.

The governor previewed excerpts from his speech on Twitter including the following related to K-12 public schools:

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Gov. Walker Addresses State Education Convention

Speaking before the State Education Convention last Friday, Gov. Walker said he will use a portion of the surplus funds to cover the cost of the legislative proposal to increase sparsity aid $100 per pupil which is expected to cost the state about $6.4 million next year. The governor also backed the part of the bill he previously vetoed from the state budget that would raise the low-revenue ceiling from $9,100 per pupil to $9,400 per pupil next year and eventually to $9,800 per pupil by the 2022-23 school year.  

Gov. Walker told convention attendees he expects lawmakers to back this legislation, which has been introduced as identical companion bills Senate Bill 690 and Assembly Bill 835.  The governor is expected to highlight these bills in his State of the State speech at 3 pm, Wednesday, January 24 and urge lawmakers to approve them.  AB 835 has a public hearing in the Assembly Education Committee on Thursday, January 25. SB 690 was referred to the Joint Finance Committee.

Governor Walker Announces Support For Increasing Low Revenue Ceiling and Sparsity Aid

Gov. Scott Walker today announced he’s reached a compromise with key lawmakers to provide additional financial relief to both low-revenue districts and small, rural districts next year.  Attempts to reach such a compromise during the 2017-19 state budget debate did not bear fruit, but today’s announcement signals new life for this effort.

The legislation is authored by Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette, pictured at right) and would increase the low-revenue ceiling from $9,100 to $9,400 per pupil beginning in the next (2018-19) school year.  The low-revenue ceiling would then increase by $100 per pupil each year until it reaches $9,800 per pupil in 2022-23.

The low-revenue ceiling is a feature in state law that helps the lowest-spending school districts by allowing them to collect more in property taxes without having to go to referendum.  Assembly Republicans successfully pushed to add provisions to increase the low-revenue ceiling to the state budget bill.  However, Gov. Walker vetoed the measure due to concerns over the impact it could have on property tax bills. Continue reading Governor Walker Announces Support For Increasing Low Revenue Ceiling and Sparsity Aid

Gov. Walker Confirmed to Speak at Education Convention on Jan. 19; State of the State Address Likely to be on Jan. 24

Governor Scott Walker has confirmed he will be speaking at the Joint Education Convention in Milwaukee on Friday, January 19 during the 10:30 a.m. general session.

Also,  Governor Walker’s 2018 State of the State Address will likely be held Wednesday, January 24.  The presiding officers of the Senate and Assembly sent a joint letter inviting the governor to hold his annual address that day. The speech is held before a joint session of the legislature and a specific time has not yet been announced.

The Convention speech and State of the State could provide some clues as to what will be the focus of the governor’s reelection campaign and if any K-12 education initiatives are  included.  We will update you with more information when it is available.

Additional State Lawmakers Resign to Take Jobs in Gov. Walker Administration

From the AP, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

MADISON – Two Republican state lawmakers resigned Friday to take jobs with Gov. Scott Walker’s administration, the latest departures from the Legislature that will force the GOP to defend the seats with no incumbents on the ballot.

Sen. Frank Lasee (pictured) of De Pere and Rep. Keith Ripp of Lodi will begin working for Walker on Monday. There will be no special elections to fill the vacancies, Walker spokesman Tom Evenson said. Both seats will be filled in the regular November election.

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144 Wisconsin School Districts Share In Sparsity Aid

A record 144 small, rural Wisconsin school districts have received a total of $18.5 million in sparsity aid payments for the 2017-18 school year.  These 144 school districts (comprising  roughly 34 percent of Wisconsin’s 422 school districts) qualified for sparsity aid based on having a membership of 745 or fewer students and a density of less than 10 pupils per square mile of the district’s geographic area. Continue reading 144 Wisconsin School Districts Share In Sparsity Aid