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LFB releases memo on impact of state budget on school districts

The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) has released their estimate of the district by district effect of the major K-12 funding provisions included in the signed-into-law 2019-21 state budget. The numbers in the memo represent the estimated change to prior law.

The memo includes analysis of the following provisions:

  • Per Pupil Revenue Limit Adjustment and Low Revenue Adjustment
  • Per Pupil Aid
  • Special Education Aid

Access the memo to see the effect on your school district here:

Estimated Effects of School Finance Provisions for School Districts Under 2019-21 Budget Act

How the new state budget increases spendable resources for schools

In signing the 2019-21 state budget into law, Gov. Evers used his partial veto authority in a way that increases per pupil categorical aid payments above the level the Legislature had provided.  As a result, school districts will receive per pupil aid payments equal to $742 per pupil in each year (i.e., in both 2019-20 and 2020-21).   The governor’s partial veto also has the effect of “front-loading” the per pupil aid increase compared to the way the Legislature provided this aid, which would have spread the increase evenly over two years (see charts below). Continue reading How the new state budget increases spendable resources for schools

John Ashley statement on state budget

“We view the budget signed today by Gov. Tony Evers as a foundation to build for the future.

“We understand that split-party control of state government requires compromise to get a budget passed. We also understand that state policy makers face many worthy and competing priorities in addition to K-12 schools that must be addressed within the confines of available revenues.

“We are pleased the Legislature provided a solid foundation for K-12 schools upon which the governor has been able to build.

“On behalf of school boards across the state, we thank the governor for using his veto pen to improve the 2019-21 state budget for K-12 schools.”

Governor Evers signs state budget; provides roughly $85 million boost in per pupil aid

Concluding a state budget process that began in late February with Gov. Evers’ first budget address and the release of his proposal, the governor today signed the state budget into law with several partial vetoes.

For K-12 education, the biggest news is that, through the veto process, the budget now invests about $85 million more in per pupil aid to school districts compared to the version passed by the legislature.  The governor’s veto increases per pupil aid payments to a total of $742 per pupil in 2019-20 and 2020-21.  (Districts received a total of $654 per pupil  in 2018-19.)  Compared to the $25 per pupil increases in this aid in each year that were approved by the Legislature, the increase under the governor’s veto is $63 per pupil higher in 2019-20 and $38 per pupil higher in 2020-21.  As a result, districts will be able to increase their spendable revenues by $263 per pupil in 2019-20 and by $242 per pupil in 2020-21. Continue reading Governor Evers signs state budget; provides roughly $85 million boost in per pupil aid

DPI releases July 1 aid estimates

From the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction:

“Estimated general school aids for 2019-20 total $4.740 billion for the state, representing a $83.2 million (1.8 percent) increase over last year. Due to changes in the aid deduction from Milwaukee Public Schools for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, the estimated increase in aid payments to districts is $83.7 million. Of the state’s 421 school districts, 59 percent (248) are estimated to receive more general aid in 2019-20, while 40 percent of districts (168) are estimated to receive less; five districts will have no change in the aid between the 2018-19 and 2019-20 fiscal years. Continue reading DPI releases July 1 aid estimates

Senate passes budget bill; heads to Gov. Evers

The state Senate concurred in the state budget bill today (June 26) as passed by the state Assembly. This clears the bill to head to Governor Tony Evers, who has the option to sign the bill as is, veto the bill in whole or in part, or allow it to become law without his signature by taking no action within the six-day review period (Sundays excepted) specified in the State Constitution.

The bill was approved 17-16 with GOP Sens. Steve Nass (Whitewater) and Dave Craig (Vernon) joined by all Senate Democrats in voting No. Continue reading Senate passes budget bill; heads to Gov. Evers

Assembly passes budget bill; Senate next

The state Assembly passed the budget bill on a 60-39 vote late in the evening of June 25 after 10 hours of floor debate.  GOP Reps. Brandtjen (Menomonee Falls), Gundrum (Slinger) & Ramthun (Campbellsport) joined all Assembly Democrats in voting No on the bill.

The Assembly added a last minute amendment that was designed to garner support from certain GOP Senators after two have already announced they intend to vote No. The amendment also modified language in the  bill to make it more difficult for the governor to use his powerful partial veto pen to alter the modified provisions.  The bill now heads to the state Senate and is scheduled to be taken up today (June 26) at 10am along with several other bills. Watch the debate LIVE on WisconsinEye. Continue reading Assembly passes budget bill; Senate next