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Public School Students’ AP Participation Continues to Climb

Wisconsin public school students’ participation in the Advanced Placement (AP) program continues to increase, according to figures released recently by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).  Those figures show an additional 2,457 public school students took AP exams in the 2015-16 school year, a 6.5 percent jump compared to the prior school year.

In all, Wisconsin public school students took 68,316 AP exams in May 2016 and earned scores of three or higher on 65.5 percent of those exams. Students earning a score of three, four, or five on AP exams generally receive college credit, advanced standing, or both at many colleges and universities worldwide.  Continue reading Public School Students’ AP Participation Continues to Climb

USED Releases Teacher Prep Program Regulations

USDoEThe U.S. Department of Education (USED) this week issued a long-awaited set of federal regulations governing teacher-preparation programs, the programs that prepare new K-12 teachers. The USED labelled the effort part of a broader push to improve teacher quality and readiness.

According to the Washington Post, the rules “require each state to issue annual ratings for teacher-prep programs” in an effort to provide “a snapshot of how novice educators perform after graduation, offering prospective teachers and school district recruiters a more accurate picture of which programs are successful at producing strong educators and which are not.”  The new requirements apply to both traditional programs based at colleges and universities and alternative-certification routes, such as Teach for America. Continue reading USED Releases Teacher Prep Program Regulations

UW System Issues Remediation Report

uw_sealFor the first time, the University of Wisconsin (UW) System has issued what it calls a Legislated Remedial Course Report on incoming freshman students at UW campuses who graduated from Wisconsin high schools and who, although admitted, must take remedial classes in English or math to make up for deficiencies.

This report on required remediation is in response to legislation passed during the last session (2015 Wisconsin Act 28) directing the UW System to annually identify the high schools in the state with more than 6 students who, based on their performance on placement tests in the preceding 12 months, are required to take remedial courses in English or mathematics. Continue reading UW System Issues Remediation Report

Scholarship Revamp Gaining Momentum Despite Objections from WASB, Rural Schools

Legislation to revamp the state’s Academic Excellence Scholarship program appears to be gaining ground in the state Legislature. This week, a state Senate committee advanced a modified version of Senate Bill 228, while at virtually the same time, a state Assembly committee was holding a hearing on a companion bill, Assembly Bill 314.

Under current law, Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES) are awarded to Wisconsin high school seniors who have the highest grade point average in each public and private high school throughout the State of Wisconsin.

Currently, each high school in the state is eligible to have a scholarship recipient, regardless of its enrollment, although the number of scholarships each high school is eligible for is based on total student enrollment. Schools are organized into six categories based on their enrollment size. The value of the scholarship is currently $2,250 per year, to be applied towards tuition. Half of the scholarship is funded by the state, while the other half is matched by the institution. The scholarships are administered through a state agency, called the Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB). Continue reading Scholarship Revamp Gaining Momentum Despite Objections from WASB, Rural Schools