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Governor signs two WASB-supported bills into law

Governor Walker signed into law two bills supported by the WASB in a signing ceremony at the State Capitol this morning.

Senate Bill 301 expands the online summer or interim session classes that qualify for state aid to include classes the school board determines fulfill either the statutory graduation requirement in health education or its own requirements for graduation. Under the bill, online classes in any combination of vocational education, foreign languages, fine arts, and other courses that the school board determines meets the requirements for high school graduation would be eligible for state aid. Continue reading Governor signs two WASB-supported bills into law

Numerous K-12-related bills could still be passed on March 20

The state Assembly has closed the curtain on the 2017-18 legislative session.  However,  before adjourning, the Assembly passed a large number of bills and sent them to the Senate.  Here are the Assembly bills affecting K-12 education that are still alive and could be passed by the Senate when it meets on March 20 and sent on to the Governor’s desk.

Bills the WASB Supports:  Continue reading Numerous K-12-related bills could still be passed on March 20

DPI: Hold Off on Requiring Students to Retake Civics Test Due to Passing Score Change

From the Department of Public Instruction (DPI):

As part of 2017 Wisconsin Act 59, the minimum passing score on the civics test for high school graduation set forth by Wis. Stat. s. 118.33(1m)(a)1. was increased from 60 to 65 out of 100. The way the law currently reads, current students who have not obtained a score of at least 65 are ineligible to receive a high school diploma. This means that students who previously scored between 60 and 64 but have not yet received a diploma will be required to retake the civics test to obtain this new statutory minimum. The DPI does not believe the legislature intended to nullify scores previously considered passing prior to Act 59. Therefore, the DPI will work with the legislature to amend the current language under Wis. Stat. s. 118.33(1m)(a)1. to apply the higher-score requirement under Act 59 to only those students who had not already obtained a passing score prior to September 23, 2017, the effective date of Act 59.

Please consider waiting for further details on this potential legislative amendment before requiring students to retake the Civics Graduation Requirement exam.

Civics Mandate Draft Being Circulated

A northern Wisconsin lawmaker is circulating a bill draft that would require successful completion of the civics portion of a citizenship test for high school graduation.  State Representative James Edming (R-Glen Fora) sent a memo to fellow lawmakers looking for support last week Friday.  After detailing recent polls where a high number of adult respondents cannot correctly answer certain civics questions the memo states: Continue reading Civics Mandate Draft Being Circulated