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Deadline to Submit Board Resolutions for WASB Policy & Resolutions Committee is Sept. 15

The process of developing the proposed resolutions voted on by the Delegate Assembly begins at the local school board level.  Boards adopt and submit their ideas to the WASB in the form of board resolutions.  They are due September 15.

Resolutions adopted by the Delegate Assembly determine the official position of the WASB on issues and remain in force until amended or repealed.  For that reason, we encourage your board to review the resolutions contained in the 2017 Resolutions Book to see if there are resolutions your board thinks should be repealed or amended.  Alternatively, your board may think new topics should be addressed.  Either way, submitting a board resolution is the way to propose those changes.

WASB provides an online submission form and instructions for submitting your board’s resolution.  (Note: This link may not work properly for Google Chrome users. If you have difficulty, try using another browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) 

August Advocacy Tip: Resolutions Are Your Board’s Chance to Put Its Imprint on the WASB

School boards drive the WASB’s legislative advocacy. They really do.

Individual school boards and school board members provide the policy guidance and direction that informs the WASB’s legislative agenda and legislative advocacy efforts on your behalf.  How do they do that? Continue reading August Advocacy Tip: Resolutions Are Your Board’s Chance to Put Its Imprint on the WASB

Summer Leadership Institute Will Feature Budget Update

The WASB Summer Leadership Institute is this Friday & Saturday (July 14-15) in Green Bay. The event will kick off with a networking dinner and inspiring keynote speaker and former Packer George E. Koonce, Jr. on Friday evening.  Saturday will feature three tracks of programming focusing on:
–the fundamentals of board governance for members in their first term of office;
–advanced board governance for more experienced members; and
–a mix of popular topics featuring engagement at each level – with fellow board members, students, staff and the community.

At the conclusion of the event, all tracks will conclude with a legislative/budget update from Government Relations Director Dan Rossmiller.  Dan will share details of what Capitol sources indicate the Senate and Assembly have agreed on (as well as predictions on what they are likely to agree on) and will be included in the Joint Finance Committee K-12 budget.  Will the Governor’s proposed per pupil aid increases survive intact?  What about help for low-spending districts?  Sparsity aid?  Voucher expansion?  Attend the legislative/budget update session at 2:30 p.m. to find out.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend in Green Bay!

July Advocacy Tip: 2017 WASB Resolutions Book Posted

The WASB Resolutions Adopted by Delegate Assemblies book, containing the collected policy positions adopted by WASB Delegate Assemblies throughout the years, has been updated for 2017 and is available online.

Resolutions adopted by the annual Delegate Assemblies set the policy direction for the association and its lobbying efforts. They remain in force unless amended or repealed. The resolution process is member-driven and an opportunity to put your board’s imprint on the WASB. Continue reading July Advocacy Tip: 2017 WASB Resolutions Book Posted

John Ashley Statement on Assembly GOP School Funding Plan

The Assembly Republican school funding plan includes provisions we support and it is a positive sign that Assembly GOP legislators recognize the need to increase state aid for school districts. We appreciate and strongly support removing the “strings” of the healthcare cost shift mandate and how funding needs to be budgeted per school building to receive the proposed increases in per-pupil aid. The WASB also supports raising the low-revenue ceiling to help historically low-spending districts and increased funding for high cost special education aid. There are a wide range of other provisions included in the proposal that we are still reviewing.

However, we are concerned that this plan backs away from the governor’s proposed per-pupil categorical aid investments. The WASB does do not support reducing the governor’s proposed increase by $50 per pupil in 2017-18.  The governor’s original proposal, for the first time in several budgets, provides nearly an inflationary increase in state aid to almost all school districts in the state.  

Overall, we hope legislators will support the governor’s investments in per-pupil aid at the $200 and $204 per pupil level while also supporting local control and incorporating the positive proposals from the Assembly GOP on the low- revenue ceiling.

-John H. Ashley is Executive Director of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards

June Advocacy Tip: Testify at a Public Hearing

We are in the midst of the 2017-18 legislative session and legislative committees are holding hearings every week on proposed bills. Follow along with us here at the Legislative Update to find out what K-12 bills have hearings in a given week.

Is there a bill subject that you feel passionate about or have a strong experience or insight into?  We’d love to have you come to the Capitol in Madison to testify.  WASB staff would be happy to assist you by answering any questions or even helping to navigate the process of registering to speak at the hearing. Continue reading June Advocacy Tip: Testify at a Public Hearing

Hearing on Gun-Free School Zones Law Repeal Bill Set for Next Wednesday

The Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 169, authored by Sen. Dave Craig (R-Town of Vernon, pictured), which would repeal the state’s gun free school zones law, among other provisions, on:

Wednesday May 31st
9:30 AM
Room 411 South, State Capitol, Madison

As mentioned, this bill would repeal the state’s gun free school zones law; allow individuals to obtain a “basic” concealed carry licenses without completing firearms training; require school boards to post school buildings and grounds to prohibit possession of firearms by carrying concealed weapon (CCW) license holders in those places; and reduce penalties for persons who possess firearms in school buildings and on school grounds in violation of such postings. Continue reading Hearing on Gun-Free School Zones Law Repeal Bill Set for Next Wednesday