JFC votes to strip Gov. Evers’ proposals from state budget

The Joint Finance Committee voted along party lines to remove key provisions of Gov. Tony Evers’ budget proposal on Thursday, May 9.  As we have mentioned, the action creates a $1.4 billion revenue hole from what the governor proposed and effectively kills any chance of anything close to the $1.4 billion funding increase proposed by Gov. Evers for K-12 schools.

Republicans in the legislature have been up front from the time the governor’s proposal was introduced that they were not going to raise taxes, were opposed to Medicaid expansion, and were not on board with the level of increased funding proposed for K-12 schools.  This action makes that official and key JFC members spoke of only being interested in providing inflationary-level increases for public schools.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“(JFC co-chair Rep. John) Nygren did not say how Republicans would address much of Evers’ spending plans but said Republicans believe Evers devoted more funding to education than taxpayers can afford. He said he wanted to keep spending increases close to the rate of inflation. 

“Spending will be more in line with where we’ve been, spending growth,” he said.

Ultimately, there will be more negotiations at some point because the Governor has to sign any budget into law.  When that compromising will take place is anyone’s guess but it appears that the GOP legislative majorities are staking out their position on K-12 funding levels.

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