How to submit written testimony on the budget & additional details on budget hearings

Two years ago, the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee (JFC) held six public hearings around the state to gather public feedback on the proposed state budget.  This time around, that is down to four public hearings (Janesville, Oak Creek, River Falls & Green Bay).

We strongly encourage board members and administrators to attend and testify if at all possible.  However, if you are unable to attend to testify in person, you can still submit written testimony to the committee electronically at the following email address:

Even if you do attend and testify you may also want to submit written testimony as the time limits are short (2 min for individuals & 5 min for groups).  Either way, we ask that you please share a copy of your testimony with us.  You can email Dan or Chris. Knowing the points you are raising and the stories you are telling, will help us do a better job of advocating on your behalf.

The public hearings will be organized with multiple microphones set up in front of the room.  The committee clerk will call 10-15 names (in the order registration slips were filled out) and those called will line up at the microphones to testify.  As people testify, more people will be called to line up at the microphones.

The hearing is scheduled to run from 10am to 5pm but may go longer if there are still people waiting to testify.  No one will be allowed to register to speak after 5pm, but the hearing will continue past that time, if necessary, until everyone who registered by 5pm is allowed to speak.