WASB co-sponsoring “Education Academy” for legislators and staff

In an attempt to demystify school finance and help lawmakers and their staffs better understand some of the issues they will confront as they debate the 2019-21 state budget, the WASB is partnering with other public education advocacy groups to put on a half-day “Education Academy 101” training session on public school finance this Thursday morning, March 21. The event is scheduled to run from 8:30 am to noon at the Madison Concourse Hotel. (View Education Academy 2019 Flyer.)

It is designed to allow legislators and legislative staff to learn about school funding and encourage them to get their questions answered in a nonthreatening, straight-forward, “spin-free” environment. Our goal is the help build a better understanding of basic school finance concepts on the part of policy makers so they are prepared to make informed decisions throughout the biennial budget cycle.

Individual sessions will feature discussions on: revenue limits and equalization aid, school budgets and expenditures, impact of declining enrollment, funding the education of our most vulnerable student populations, an overview of voucher programs and how they are funded affects public schools, and the talent and staffing challenges facing public schools. (View Agenda.)

Partners in this project include: the Southeastern Wisconsin Schools Alliance (SWSA), the School Administrators Alliance (SAA), the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA) and the Wisconsin Public Education Network (WPEN).

The initial “Education Academy 101” held two years ago was well attended by lawmakers from both parties so we decided to co-host another such session.  About 40 legislators and legislative staff have signed up so far. We’re hoping more will join us.

There is still time for them to register. Please encourage your legislators to attend.