WASB bill tracking chart helps you follow K-12 education-related bills

The 2019-20 legislative session is in full swing and numerous bills affecting K-12 education have already been introduced.

When legislation related to K-12 education is introduced, the WASB GR staff will analyze the bill and cross reference it with the resolutions that have been adopted by previous WASB Delegate Assemblies to determine what position we should take on the bill.  Sometimes we will not take a position on a bill but will monitor it.

To enable WASB members to follow all of these state level education-related bills, we keep a WASB State Bill Tracking Chart on our website. The chart lists all the legislation the WASB is following during the current legislative session and provides information about each bill’s author; the WASB’s position, if any; the WASB resolution, if any, that informs the position; and whether identical legislation (i.e., a companion bill) has been introduced in the other house of the legislature.

You can also find a listing of Senate and Assembly bills from the 2017-18 session as well.