Star Student Program aims to recognize students making great progress in the classroom

Do you know a student deserving special recognition?

The Star Student Program is an exciting new opportunity to recognize Wisconsin kids who take great strides in their everyday classroom activities.

Gov. Evers recognized the two first-ever recipients of the Star Student Award in Wisconsin during his State of the State Address.

Administered by the Department of Public Instruction in conjunction with the Office of the Governor, the Star Student Program will recognize a student each week based on an application submitted by a sponsoring public or private school teacher.  Students at all grade levels are eligible and the form is quick and easy to use. Applications will be accepted throughout the year through the DPI’s website.

We encourage you to please share the link to the website for the new Star Student Program with your teachers and staff to spread the word regarding this program.  It will run throughout the year, and teachers can make recommendations/applications at any time.