Deadline for submitting board resolutions is Sept. 15.

Is there an issue that is important to your board that isn’t being adequately addressed?  The WASB can help.

Many boards find the best way to get the WASB working on their issue is to offer a board resolution stating what you think WASB’s position on the issue should be and why.   It can be on any relevant topic. (See previous post.)   When your board adopts a resolution and forwards it to the WASB, it begins a discussion that ultimately guides and directs the WASB’s legislative advocacy efforts on your behalf. 

The deadline for submitting board resolutions to WASB is Sept. 15.

There is still time to draft a board resolution and get it on your  board agenda for discussion and adoption.

Board resolutions are an important step.  The WASB relies on the resolutions adopted by school board member delegates at the annual WASB Delegate Assemblies, which are the official positions of the WASB and are collected in the 2018 WASB Resolutions Book.   Once adopted, these WASB resolutions remain in force until amended or repealed. 

And where do these resolutions come from?  They come originally from individual boards that had an idea about how to change things.

When  your board submits a board resolution, it is reviewed by a committee of school board members from around the state who comprise the WASB Policy & Resolutions Committee. They (your fellow school board members) decide which resolutions to advance to the annual WASB Delegate Assembly, where each WASB member school board gets a vote.

Your board’s participation in this process is vital to the future success of WASB advocacy efforts and ensures those efforts are member-driven.

Please review the 2018 WASB Resolutions Book to see if your issue is already addressed by an existing resolution .  If it isn’t addressed or if you think it should be addressed in a different way, draft a resolution for your board to consider.  Please include a clear, concise rationale to explain the intent of your resolution.  Then adopt your resolution and rationale and send the WASB a copy by Sept. 15.

WASB provides a fillable PDF document and instructions for submitting your board’s resolution. If you have any questions or issues with your submission, please contact Dan Rossmiller or Chris Kulow.