DOJ: Second round school safety grant applications now being accepted

The Department of Justice’s Office of School Safety has announced that applications for the second round of School Safety grant funds are now being accepted.

The deadline for making second round grant applications is August 30.

School districts interested in applying for the second round grant funding notified the DOJ of their interest by August 13.

Visit the Office of School Safety grant web page to download the Grant Announcement, which describes what the DOJ calls “the further-simplified application process.”  Other tools available on that webpage, according to the DOJ, include a law enforcement template, a budget spreadsheet template, and a budget planning tool.  The Office of School Safety hopes these tools will assist school districts in meeting the August 30, 2018 application deadline.

Approximately $48 million will be available in this second round of grant funding, which is intended to cover the costs of creating of School Safety Intervention Teams, providing mental health training for teachers and staff and additional physical security upgrades and innovations.

No match is required under this grant program, and proposed expenditures that continue or expand upon projects funded in the first round of School Safety Initiative grants are permitted.