School safety grant funding–Round 2 reminders

The Department of Justice’s Office of School Safety recently announced plans to award a second round of school safety grants to utilize the remaining $45 million approved by the Legislature last spring.

Here’s what school leaders need to know to prepare for round 2:

  • School districts that applied for first round grants are eligible for second round grants.  Districts must have completed the round one grant application process and received their award notice in order to be eligible for round two funds.
  • School districts interested in applying for the second round of grant funding must submit a mandatory “intent to apply” to the Office of School Safety by August 13, 2018.  Second round grants will be awarded starting in October.
  • Schools applying for the second round of grant funding must:

o   Agree to send 10 percent of full-time teachers and counselors to a DOJ-approved 12-hour Adolescent Mental Health training by August 31, 2020.  [Schools may use grant funds to pay expenses incurred (tuition, travel, lodging, meals, substitute teacher pay, etc.).]

o   Establish a School Safety Intervention Team (SSIT) comprised of  educators, counselors, and law enforcement, following DOJ guidelines based on the U.S. Secret Service model.  These teams will engage in behavior monitoring, threat assessments, and intervention.

Second round grant funds will be awarded on a per-student formula, based on student enrollment as reported to the DPI.  No awardee will receive less than $10,000 nor receive more than $2.5 million, in order to ensure all applicants, receive sufficient funding to complete training and make meaningful physical security improvements.

Schools and school districts that did not apply for first round grants are eligible to apply for the second round of grants; however, they will need to satisfy all prerequisites of both the first round and second round of grant funding.