School funding commission to hold May 21 hearing in Turtle Lake

The Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding has released the details of its public hearing set for Monday, May 21 in Turtle Lake.

The hearing will begin at 1:00 PM and conclude by 5:00 PM.

The hearing will take place at:

Turtle Lake School District Auditorium
205 North Oak Street
Turtle Lake, WI  54889
(See map.)

According to the  hearing notice:  

The Blue Ribbon Commission will hear testimony from invited speakers in the following areas:  Birchwood School District, Cameron School District, CESA 11 and Turtle Lake School District.

“Following the invited speakers, members of the public are invited to testify and share their thoughts on school funding with the commission.  In order to ensure full participation from everyone in attendance, public testimony will be limited to 5 minutes per speaker.”

The final scheduled public hearing of the Commission will be held Monday, June 4 at the State Capitol in Madison. The location and starting time for the Madison hearing have not yet been established.