New school safety grant FAQ & job opportunities

From the Acting Director of the Office of School Safety at the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ), Glenn Rehberg:

We’ve received several questions regarding what constitutes a “building” or “school” for the purposes of grant applications and awards.  We answer those questions, and others, in our new Frequently Asked Questions section, here:

We have grant-related summer employment opportunities that may be suitable for teachers, retirees, law enforcement officers, and/or other educational staff.  The DOJ is hiring 15 Limited Term Employees (LTE) to help process the huge number of expected grant applications.  These jobs are posted on the WiscJobs website and can begin before or just after the end of the school year.  While the formal qualifications are shown in the job announcements, it’s safe to say that many current and retired educators and officers could meet the standards.  These are great summer jobs for interested persons!  We’ll have a de-confliction process in place to ensure that no one evaluates a grant from a school district that employees him/her, from a district attended by his/her children, etc.  These LTEs would be serving a valuable cause, in good work conditions, for a fantastic agency.   Please help us spread the word!  The application deadline is May 7.