More information about School Safety Grants expected next week

Wisconsin school districts have expressed strong interest in obtaining school safety grants and more information about the grants is expected to be released next week, according to state Attorney General Brad Schimel.   The Attorney General heads Wisconsin’s Department of Justice (DOJ) and will appoint the director of the Office of School Safety to be housed within the DOJ.

The Office of School Safety was created under a school safety bill Gov. Scott Walker signed into law last month.  That office will be in charge of administering a $100 million school safety grant program.

According to Wispolitics:

–AG Brad Schimel says some two-thirds of school districts across the state have already expressed interest in applying for grant funding under the newly created Office of School Safety.  

“While the office isn’t yet formally accepting applications, school districts since the end of March have been able to pen letters of interest to the Department of Justice about the projects they’re looking to implement and the estimated cost. ”

(See previous WASB  post.)

Also, according to Wispolitics:

“Schimel said the DOJ is planning to announce the parameters of the grant next week, adding he expects every district in the state to apply.

We’re envisioning a two-tier system that will start by making sure every school in the state is up to some basic minimal safety standards and then beyond that we’re encouraging some innovation,” he said.

“He also noted he’s planning to hire a permanent director for the office in the next couple of weeks. Applications for the position were due April 8.”

As we’ve reported, Glenn Rehberg, a senior training officer and chair of the Tactical Skills, Scenario, and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care advisory committees in the DOJ’s Training and Standards Bureau, is currently serving as the interim director.  Rehberg is also a former middle school band teacher and law enforcement officer. (See previous post.)

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