What does “blueprint” really mean in new school safety law?

The new school safety law requires every school board to provide blueprints of each school building and facility to the Office of School Safety at the state Department of Justice (DOJ), and to local law enforcement agencies, by July 1, 2018.  This requirement raised some questions for us.  Would all districts, particularly those with older buildings, have access to the original blueprints?  Would districts that don’t have copies of those blueprints be required to hire an architectural firm to develop blueprints of their facilities?

The WASB recently met with the Interim Director of the Office of School Safety and other DOJ officials.  Based on these conversations, it is not likely that districts will need to submit actual blueprints showing electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.  While we will await more specific guidance from the DOJ on this, a scaled floor plan identifying entrances/exits,  rooms, indicating classroom numbers, and, ideally, teacher and grades in each classroom will likely be sufficient to satisfy this requirement.

Again, while we await more specific guidance from DOJ, we recommend not acquiring actual blueprints based on this new requirement.  We will pass this guidance along as soon as we receive it.