Assembly to take up school safety package today amid differences with the Senate

The state Assembly will take up this afternoon the school safety package introduced at the request of Gov. Walker and modified by the state Senate on Tuesday.  Just what version the Assembly will be taking up remains a question, however.

While it appeared there was agreement on the issue, Assembly GOP leaders indicated yesterday (March 21) they were still discussing the issue with their colleagues and were considering making changes which would require the bill to go back to the Senate for their approval.  According to

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has said the Senate ended its session on Tuesday and will not return to take up any changes.  The Senate approved its version on a 28-4 vote on March 20.  If the Assembly passes the Senate version of the bill, it would go to the governor’s desk.

Stay tuned here and via the WASB Twitter account for developments throughout the day.

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