Governor’s special session school safety package bills posted online

Copies of the six bills that comprise the governor’s March 2018 special session school safety package have been introduced and posted on the Legislature’s website.  At this point, they have been introduced as Assembly Bills only.

No Senate companion bills are posted as yet.  Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) has indicated the Senate may take up the proposals in regular session as an amendment to a regular session bill.  Both houses must pass identical bills in an identical session for the provisions to become law.  Please encourage your lawmakers to come to an agreement and pass school safety provisions that can get to the governor’s desk for his signature.

The six bills are:

  • Special Session Assembly Bill 1–-creating a grant program to schools for school safety and safety-related upgrades to school buildings, equipment, and facilities.  (LRB 5595/1)
  • Special Session Assembly Bill 2—creating an Office of School Safety in the Department of Justice  (LRB 5599/1)
  • Special Session Assembly Bill 3—requiring professionals who must report suspected child abuse and neglect under current law to also report to a law enforcement agency a reasonable suspicion that a person intends to commit an act of violence involving a dangerous weapon or explosive in or targeting a school  (LRB 5601/1)
  • Special Session Assembly Bill 4—requiring DPI to revise its model bullying policy  (LRB 5683/1)
  • Special Session Assembly Bill 5—changes to requirements for school safety plans  (LRB 5684/1)
  • Special Session Assembly Bill 6— allowing a school board to share safety camera footage with a law enforcement agency (clarifying the pupil records law) (LRB 5690/1)