Focus of Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding Clarified

During last week’s State Education Convention, state Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay), who co-chairs the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding, shared information about the Commission’s mission and schedule, including a memo outlining the scope of the Commission’s directive. 

According to the Blue Ribbon Commission’s Scope Statement, the Commission is tasked with evaluating the following items:

  • The effects of distributing general aid through our equalization aid formula. Attention will also be given to other factors that could improve our efforts to provide equal educational opportunities to all pupils;  
  • The relationship between declining enrollment districts and the fixed costs that districts face, and the possible incorporation of a minimum aid per district;  
  • Evaluating transportation costs and how districts pay for those costs;
  • Review of high-cost categorical aids and the consideration of other aids that could be created to meet specific needs;
  • Methods to better align funding for various school choice options such as open enrollment, school choice and independent charter schools;
  • Consideration of funding levels for certain extended learning opportunities like summer school, preschool or dual enrollment;
  • Options to provide revenue-limit equity to low-spending districts; and
  • Other technical changes that could improve the transparency of the school finance system.

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