Proposed WASB Resolutions Posted on

The proposed resolutions for the 2018 WASB Delegate Assembly are now posted on our website. They can be found under the “Services & Resources” pull down menu.  Click on the first item “Advocacy & Government Relations” and then “Delegate Assembly”.

Delegate packets containing all the information needed for the Delegate Assembly are scheduled to be mailed Dec. 5.  Two packets are mailed to each school district–one to the school board member that is designated by the district as the delegate and the other to the district administrator.

This year’s packets contain something not typically included in such packets—a proposed resolution from the Wauwatosa School Board that was not submitted to the Policy and Resolutions Committee by the Sept. 15 deadline.  Because it was submitted after the deadline and did not go through the standard process, it has a higher bar to clear at the Delegate Assembly.

For this proposed resolution to be considered at the Delegate Assembly, a two-thirds favorable vote of delegates will be required.  If a two-thirds favorable vote is received, then the proposed resolution will be properly before the Delegate Assembly for consideration on the merits.  At that point, approval of the resolution would require a majority vote of those present.

We encourage each board and its delegate to become familiar with all the proposed resolutions before the Delegate Assembly.