LFB Releases Memo Detailing Districts’ 2017-18 General Aid Payment Amounts

The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) has released its annual memorandum providing information on the calculation of general school aids and the aid amounts to be received by each school district in the 2017-18 school year.

The LFB memo provides information on each districts’ pupil membership, adjusted equalized value per member, shared cost per member, general equalization aid eligibility, and net general school aid payment.  A separate attachment indicates the amounts received by districts eligible for high poverty aid.

The figures provided in the LFB memo reflect the DPI’s October 15 aid calculation.  As a result, the memo indicates each districts’ general aid reduction attributable to independent charters schools, and MPS’ aid reduction for the Milwaukee voucher program.  However, the memo does not indicate the reductions in districts’ aid attributable to having resident pupils within their boundaries who first participated in either the Statewide or Racine voucher programs in 2015-16 or later.  State statutes specify that these aid reductions are not shown in DPI’s October 15 aid calculation.  

View LFB Memo– 2017-18 General School Aids Amounts for All School Districts