Competitive Bidding, Financial Literacy Bills Pass Senate

All of the bills mentioned in our previous post that were voted on in the state Senate on October 31 have been approved by that chamber including:

Senate Bill 236 Competitive Bidding Mandate (Sen. Stroebel) This bill would require school districts to utilize statutory competitive, sealed bidding provisions when awarding school construction contracts and increase the dollar thresholds above which counties and municipalities must follow competitive bidding when awarding public works contracts.  (WASB Opposes) [See previous post.] This bill now heads to the Assembly for action by that chamber.  It is important that school leaders contact their State Representatives and ask them to oppose the bill, especially if your district has a local preference component in your bidding policy (which this bill would prohibit).

Assembly Bill 280 Financial Literacy in Schools (Rep. Krug) Incorporating financial literacy into the curriculum of public schools. This bill directs each school board to adopt academic standards for financial literacy and incorporate instruction in financial literacy into the curriculum in grades kindergarten to 12. (WASB Neutral) This bill had already passed the Assembly and heads to the governor.

For the other bills approved see our previous post:

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