Rep. Thiesfeldt Circulates Teacher Protection Act

Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac), Chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, has circulated his “Teacher Protection Act” bill for co-sponsorship in the state Legislature.  This is the opportunity for other lawmakers to put their names on the bill as supporters. Here are links to the bill draft and co-sponsorship memo.

Based on our member-approved resolutions, the WASB opposes this bill as drafted.  To be clear, all teachers deserve to teach in a safe environment and we appreciate the good intentions behind this bill.  That being said, the bill upsets the administrative chain of command in school districts by allowing teachers to unilaterally suspend and remove students from class without having to adhere to school board disciplinary policies, school district behavioral intervention plans, a student’s individual educational plan or a student’s service plan.

WASB Resolution 3.80 on Removal of Students from Class states: the WASB opposes legislation authorizing a teacher to remove a student from the classroom without the approval of principals, administrators or school board policies.

We also have concerns with the additional reporting mandates in the bill as well as student record privacy issues.  Stay tuned for further updates on this legislation.