WASB Policy & Resolutions Committee Holding First Meeting

The 2017 WASB Policy and Resolutions Committee will hold its first meeting tonight and tomorrow in Stevens Point.  The committee will review resolutions submitted by WASB member boards to begin the process of determining whether to advance those resolutions to the Delegate Assembly in January.

Included among the items the committee will review and discuss are the following resolutions submitted by member boards:

  • Voucher Transparency — calls for the WASB to support legislation to require that municipal property tax bills indicate the amount of the additional property tax levy attributable to the state aid deducted from each school district in the municipality to fund the voucher payments to private and parochial schools who reside within the school district.  (Submitted by Eau Claire)
  • Transportation by Public School Districts of Resident Pupils Who Attend Private and Parochial Schools Through a Taxpayer-funded Voucher Program — calls for the WASB to support legislation to require private and parochial schools that participate in a taxpayer-funded voucher program to reimburse public school districts for providing transportation of resident voucher pupils to and from the private voucher school unless the private voucher school provides the transportation.  (Submitted by Beloit)
  • Waiver of Seat Time and Clock Hours of Instruction Requirements — calls for the WASB to support legislation to allow local districts that demonstrate the ability to meet student performance expectations on school and school district accountability reports to obtain a waiver of the requirement to provide a minimum number of hours of direct pupil instruction for some or all of its schools. State aid to such school districts should not be reduced on the basis that certain schools are exempted from the requirement to provide a minimum number of hours of direct pupil instruction. (Submitted by Neenah)
  • Open Enrollment Funding — calls for the WASB to support legislation stating that Open Enrollment revenue for students entering non-resident public school systems will equal the per-pupil revenue received for resident students of that school district.  (Submitted by Howard-Suamico)
  • High Poverty Aid Modified to Categorical Aid Outside the Revenue Limits — calls for the WASB to support legislation to allow each local school district eligible to receive high poverty aid to receive such aid as a categorical aid outside the revenue limits. (Submitted by South Milwaukee)
  • FTE Membership Used for Calculation of Revenue Limit — calls for the WASB to support changing the revenue limit FTE membership calculation to be a 3-year rolling average OR the current year membership, whichever is greater. (Submitted by Sun Prairie Area)
  • Safe Schools/DACA Support — calls for the WASB to affirm that all students have the right to attend public school regardless of the immigration status of the child or of the child’s family members; that students, who register for the following services and meet the federal and state criteria, are entitled to receive all school services, including free lunch, free breakfast, transportation, and educational services, even if they or their family are undocumented and do not have a social security number. (Submitted by Shorewood)
  • Transgender Student Rights — calls for the WASB to affirm its commitment to the full equality, inclusion and acceptance of people of all gender identities and gender expressions; affirms the right of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals to be referred to by their name, gender, and pronoun of preference in our schools; affirms the right of transgender and gender non-conforming students to use the restroom and facilities consistent with their gender identity; and urges the adoption and implementation of legislation and policies that prevent discrimination based on gender identity and expression, and that require individuals to be treated equally under the law as the gender by which they identify. (Submitted by Shorewood)

Under the WASB Bylaws, the Policy and Resolutions Committee is comprised of school board members representing all areas of the state and all types of districts and each WASB region.   Committee members are appointed by the WASB president upon the nomination of WASB Regional Directors.  Each year about one-half of the members are new to the committee.  WASB First Vice-President Mary Jo Rozmenoski of Black River Falls will serve as Chair.

Members of this year’s Policy and Resolutions Committee are:

  • Stu Olson, Shell Lake
  • Darren Van Blaricom, Amery
  • Jeff Redmon, St. Croix Central
  • Judy Conlin, Rhinelander
  • Victor Ambrose, Chequamegon
  • Terry McCloskey, USN Retired, Three Lakes
  • Jeff Eilers, Howard-Suamico
  • Mike Van Eperen, Wrightstown
  • Ken Neuburg, Colfax
  • Joseph Luginbill, Eau Claire
  • Meg Erler, Stevens Point
  • Valorie Kulesa, Gilman
  • Mary Jo Rozmenoski, Black River Falls, Chair
  • Robert Nigh, Viroqua
  • Larry Cyrus, Cochrane-Fountain City
  • Angie Patterson, Oakfield
  • Gary Schumacher, Freedom
  • Jean Maurice Boyer, Neenah
  • Ryan Burg, Sheboygan
  • Holly Thurow-Riahi, Brillion
  • Bob Hermanson, Darlington
  • Rick Rolfsmeyer, Pecatonica
  • Barb Richter, Princeton
  • Bill Bruins, Waupun
  • Brett Hyde, Muskego-Norway
  • Erika Conner, Mukwonago
  • Marian Viney, Belleville
  • Bob Green, Middleton-Cross Plains
  • Cheryl Baysinger, Central/Westosha UHS
  • Patrick Sherman, Genoa City J2
  • Paula Phillips, Milwaukee
  • Carol Voss, Milwaukee
  • Cherie Rhodes, Slinger
  • John Blask, Pewaukee