Deadline to Submit Board Resolutions for WASB Policy & Resolutions Committee is Sept. 15

The process of developing the proposed resolutions voted on by the Delegate Assembly begins at the local school board level.  Boards adopt and submit their ideas to the WASB in the form of board resolutions.  They are due September 15.

Resolutions adopted by the Delegate Assembly determine the official position of the WASB on issues and remain in force until amended or repealed.  For that reason, we encourage your board to review the resolutions contained in the 2017 Resolutions Book to see if there are resolutions your board thinks should be repealed or amended.  Alternatively, your board may think new topics should be addressed.  Either way, submitting a board resolution is the way to propose those changes.

WASB provides an online submission form and instructions for submitting your board’s resolution.  (Note: This link may not work properly for Google Chrome users. If you have difficulty, try using another browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)