New Assembly School Funding Proposal Creates State Budget Impasse

The Legislature’s budget-writing Joint Finance Committee (JFC) has dropped plans to meet tomorrow (June 6).  Assembly and Senate Republican caucuses have hit an apparent impasse on major unresolved pieces remaining in the budget, including pre-K-12 funding, transportation and taxes, according to the offices of the JFC co-chairs and reported by in an email to subscribers.  Rumors of an impasse were heard late last week and spread as the week began and no JFC meeting notices were posted.  JFC had previously planned to meet Tuesday (June 6) and Thursday (June 8) this week.

According to, Senate JFC Co-chair Alberta Darling (R-River) Hills, said she is still hopeful the committee can convene later this week; however, she said an Assembly GOP proposal unveiled late last week to tinker with Gov. Scott Walker’s K-12 education funding proposal has added a new area of division for the two houses, which were already at odds over transportation funding.The subscription report further indicated that a spokeswoman for Assembly JFC Co-chair John Nygren (R-Marinette) also describes the Senate and Assembly GOP caucuses as being at an impasse.

The rift between the two GOP–controlled houses over education funding was detailed in this Wisconsin State Journal article, which appeared in Saturday’s (June 3) print edition.

Prior to the release of the new Assembly funding plan, things seemed to be on track to potentially wrap up the education budget this week.  The Legislative Fiscal Bureau released Budget “issue papers” for K-12-related issues last week. However, the fact that the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) did not post a meeting notice setting a date for discussing and voting on the options presented in those papers was seen by Capitol insiders as a “red flag” that something was brewing.

Here are links to the various sets of K-12 related papers:

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