Governor’s Budget Eliminates Farm to School Position/Council

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Annysa Johnson:

farm“Gov. Scott Walker has proposed cutting the office’s now-vacant coordinator position and 15-member advisory council as part of his 2017-’19 budget, a move that would save $132,800 over the biennium.

“Walker’s spokesman, Tom Evenson, said the agency would continue to seek and disburse federal grants targeting farm-to-school efforts, and that another program manager will help out in the office. AmeriCorps workers also will continue to work on farm-to-school initiatives in some low-income schools, he said.

“But farm-to-school advocates say without someone to coordinate the efforts — to understand the big picture and work on the supply chain issues that pose barriers — it could slow or reverse the momentum Wisconsin has built in recent years.

“In Wisconsin, nearly half the state’s 424 districts — and 1,401 schools serving more than 565,000 students — took part in some way, generating $9.2 million in sales for Wisconsin growers and related businesses, according to the 2015 USDA Farm to School Census.”

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