Support for School Referenda Down Statewide But Still Above Historical Average

wasb_logo-hires_printForty out of 65 referendum questions on Tuesday’s spring general election ballot statewide were approved by voters for an overall passage rate of 62%.  This is down from the 82% overall approval rate of  last November and the 77% seen in April, 2016.

This time, 29 questions were for debt issuance with 16 (55%) passing. Of the 36 questions in which voters were asked to allow the district to exceed the revenue limit, 24 asked to exceed the revenue limit  on a non-recurring basis with 18 (75%) passing. Six of the 12 questions (50%) asking to exceed the revenue cap on a recurring basis were approved.

While the passage rate is lower than recent elections, it remains above historical levels. During the period from 1996-2010, for example, only 44% of referenda to exceed the revenue limits were approved by voters, according to the figures compiled by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

You can access the full list of results on the Department of Public Instruction Referendum website.