ALERT: Public Hearing on Modernizing Minutes and Board Member Salary Bills Tomorrow

Capitol Photo 1On Tuesday, March 14, the Senate Economic Development, Commerce, and Local Government Committee will hold a public hearing at 10AM on two bills: Senate Bill 42 relating to posting meeting minutes on a school district’s website and Senate Bill 62 authorizing a school board  member to refuse their salary. If you can attend the hearing to testify on SB 42 and/or have questions about testifying at a hearing please contact the WASB GR team.

SB 42, which the WASB strongly supports, would allow certain districts to post governing body meeting minutes in one public place and on the community’s web site, instead of paying for newspaper publication. The Assembly Local Government Committee held a hearing last week on the Assembly companion bill, Assembly Bill 70. The WASB testified in support of the bill.  
The WASB also supports SB 62, which authorizes a school board member or school board member-elect to refuse the salary that he or she is entitled to receive for his or her service as a school board member.

Currently, a school board member  can refuse his or her salary but is responsible for paying state and federal income taxes associated with the salary even though the board member does not actually receive the money.  Senate Bill 62 would provide a mechanism to allow a school board member to officially refuse the salary and not be responsible for paying taxes on that salary.  Other local government officials (I.e., city, village, town or county elected officials) currently have this ability.

Under the bill, to refuse his or her salary, a school board member or member-elect must send written notification to the school district clerk and treasurer. To be valid, the school board member or member-elect must send the notification within 30 days after the certification of the individual’s election or at  least 30 days before the start of the individual’s next taxable year.