February Advocacy Tip: Contacting your Lawmakers in 2 Easy Steps

Determining who your state legislators are and contacting them is quick and easy.  It is also very timely and important as there are already two bills being circulated that we strongly support: Sept 1 school start date repeal and modernizing the publishing of board meeting minutes. All the information you need is below in two easy steps:


  1. Determine who your legislators are and their contact information (if you already know, skip to step 2).  Go to http://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/ it will bring up a map of Wisconsin. Simply click on the map where you live (you may need to zoom in a little) and, presto!, up pops a box with your state senator and representative along with their phone and email. It looks like this:FindLeggies.JPG
  2. Give their office a call or e-mail, both are quick and painless to do and very important for advocating for your students. If you call, staff are polite and will take down your information to forward to their boss. Don’t be afraid to give them your address as this will be how they confirm you are a constituent and get back to you with their boss’s position. Here’s a quick sample script you can use for a call or e-mail:


My name is _________ and I am a school board member/administrator with the ________ school district. As a constituent, I am urging you to sign on as a co-author to LRB 1378 on the school start date and LRB 0506 on modernizing the publication of school board meeting minutes.  I strongly support these proposals and would like to know whether you support them as well.  I look forward to your response.

(Optional: Allowing our school district to set the start date would….  Not requiring us to pay to publish our past meeting minutes in a newspaper would save our district’s taxpayers $X.)

Thank you!


Make your voice heard!  Once you break the ice and do it the first time makes it much easier and comfortable to make it a habit in the future.  It’s quick!  It’s easy!  It’s important!  Thank you!!!

Note: We are still in the process of acquiring new advocacy software to make this process even easier but it has taken longer than anticipated.  We still hope to have everything ready to go in the next few weeks.  Thanks for your patience!

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