ALERT: Contact Legislators to Support Sept 1 School Start Date Repeal Bill

ottState Representative Jim Ott (R-Mequon, pictured) and state Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) are circulating a bill draft (LRB 1378) to repeal the September 1 start date mandate.  The bill would allow local school boards to determine the start date for the fall semester beginning in the 2018-19 school year. It would not require districts to begin school before September 1st, nor will it affect the number of days of instruction. We encourage you to contact your state legislators and urge them to sign on as a co-author of LRB 1378. The deadline is February 10.

The WASB strongly supports this bill on local control grounds, a position that was reinforced at the Delegate Assembly this year.  It is important that we get as many legislators to sign on to these bills as possible.  The tourism industry will be contacting lawmakers asking them not to support it.  We need to make our voice heard!