Opioid Abuse Task Force Releases Recommendations; Including WASB-Initiated Measure

nygrenGovernor Scott Walker signed three Executive Orders related to the Opioid Abuse Task Force co-chaired by Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Representative John Nygren (pictured) which also released its recommendations for fighting the heroin and opioid epidemic plaguing Wisconsin and the nation.

One of the Executive Orders requests a special session of the Wisconsin State Legislature beginning on January 5, 2017, to consider and act upon several pieces of legislation including a measure brought to the task force by the WASB, relating to opioid antidote (e.g., Narcan) administration in schools.

The bill would permit and provide civil liability exemption for certain school personnel to administer an opioid antidote to a student who appears to be undergoing an opioid-induced drug overdose.

The language would mirror current law authorizations for school personnel to administer epinephrine (e.g., Epipen) to a student experiencing a severe allergic reaction and glucagon to a diabetic student who appears to be experiencing a severe low blood sugar event.

While the WASB is unaware of an opioid overdose occurring in a school, we view this as a common sense proactive measure.  It is also important to note that there is no mandate for schools to acquire opioid antidotes and the proposed legislation is strictly permissive in nature.

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