How the WASB Takes Positions on Issues

2016 Delegate Assembly

The simple answer: positions taken by the WASB are determined by our member school boards.

This is accomplished through a member-driven process that ultimately results in resolutions adopted by the WASB Delegate Assembly each January at the state education convention.

These adopted resolutions form the official positions of the WASB and guide the development of our Legislative Agenda.  Adopted resolutions are in effect for perpetuity unless amended or repealed and are compiled in the Resolutions Book.

Resolutions Process

  • The process begins with individual member school boards submitting their recommendations to the WASB in the form of board resolutions. The deadline for boards to submit their proposed resolutions is the preceding September 15.
  • These member suggestions are then reviewed and considered by the Policy and Resolutions Committee which is appointed annually and comprised of a least one school board member from each WASB region and from each type of school district (i.e., common, unified, K-8 and UHS) operating in the state.
    • The committee meets twice in the fall and in addition to member board submissions, consider issues based on current events or brought by committee members. The committee recommends what resolutions will be brought before the Delegate Assembly.
  • The final decision on resolutions rests with the Delegate Assembly, which is comprised of one representative from each WASB member school board and CESA board of control.  It meets annually in January at the state education convention where resolutions are approved or rejected by a majority vote of the delegates present.
    • There is also a procedure to allow “emergency resolutions” that deals with a concern that arises between Nov. 1 and the time of the Delegate Assembly and could not have been presented earlier due to the emergency nature of the subject to be considered during the Delegate Assembly.
    • An “emergency resolution” must be presented to the Policy & Resolutions Committee at the Tuesday night discussion session by an active member or by the WASB Board of Directors.  If it is recommended by that committee for presentation to the Delegate Assembly the following day, and two-thirds of the Delegates vote to consider the resolution, the emergency resolution is debated by delegates.

Two exceptions to this process may produce official WASB positions.

  • If an opinion is needed which cannot be discerned from the resolutions and which cannot wait until the next Delegate Assembly, the Board of Directors may act to determine a policy.
  • The WASB By-Laws also provide for the convening of a special Delegate Assembly; however, that provision has been used very rarely.

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