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With the state’s finances once again looking tight, what will the 2017-19 state budget bring for public schools?  How will the 2016 election shape our state and federal government? What does polling tell us about how voter attitudes produced the results seen on November 8 and what do those attitudes portend for the future? How severe is Wisconsin‘s teacher shortage and what steps does the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) plan to take to address the supply and demand for educators?

We will examine all of these questions and more with special guest experts (see past the break) at the WASB Legislative Advocacy Conference. Click here to Register.

2017-19 State Budget Preview



State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette), Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Finance

The Assembly chair of the Legislature’s budget-writing committee will discuss his view of the coming budget debate and where K-12 education fits in with other competing priorities like transportation and Medicaid.



Todd Berry, President, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX)

Learn how available state resources and the likely competing priorities for those resources will impact public schools in the 2017-19 budget debate; how private school voucher programs will impact public schools and where voucher expansion is headed; and how continuing demographic and economic trends in our state will make it more important than ever that every child comes out of high school with critical skills for employment or further education and training.

Post-Election Analysis



Charles Franklin, Ph.D., Professor of Law and Public Policy and Director of the Marquette Law School Poll

Dr. Franklin will discuss what issues are prominent in the public mind and what the November 2016 elections and public attitudes suggest about Wisconsin’s current and future politics. He’ll also look at whether the divisions of the presidential campaign have affected the divisions in state politics as well as the outlook for policymaking in the coming year.

Teacher Shortages

Tammy Huth, Director, Teacher Education, Professional Development, and Licensing, Department of Public Instruction

Ensuring a qualified educator workforce is of paramount concern to all Wisconsin school districts. Wisconsin is moving forward to identify staffing shortage areas and to develop strategies to address these areas. Find out how DPI is using its talent development framework to address teacher supply and demand issues moving forward.

Legislative Process Refresher

Dan Rossmiller & Chris Kulow, WASB Government Relations

Understanding how the legislative process works makes it much easier to be an effective advocate. Have a discussion with the WASB lobbyists on how the legislative process works with a particular focus on the Wisconsin Legislature and the state budget process.