Evers, DPI Propose Increased Summer School Flexibility

eversGiving a “mini-preview” of the biennial budget request he will submit to the governor next month, State Superintendent Tony Evers this week announced a set of proposed administrative rule changes intended to expand high-quality summer learning opportunities for kids and to slow the so-called “summer learning slide” that occurs when students are our of school for an extended period of time.

The new proposed rules will give school districts new funding flexibility by clarifying that federal funds can be used to support summer learning and allowing open enrollment students to be counted in summer school membership.

In addition, under the proposed rules, academic field trips, musical performances, and agricultural and other scholastic competitions would become eligible activities for summer instruction, just as they are during the regular school year. The proposed rules also would eliminate several barriers to collaborative programs developed by local schools that serve young people through community and business partners.

Evers also announced that DPI’s budget request to the governor for the 2017-19 biennium will include several initiatives to increase state support for summer school and summer learning. These include:

  • improving funding by allowing districts to fully count summer school students for revenue limit purposes;
  • expanding access to summer school by increasing the pupil transportation reimbursement rate; and
  • expanding dual enrollment opportunities for students to take advanced coursework in person or online.

According to Evers, the budget request also will seek to simplify reporting requirements to reduce schools’ administrative work for summer learning programs.

Evers says that the goal of the proposed rules and budget proposals will be to ensure that local communities can create partnerships and programing to best fit local student needs.

The DPI will make its formal 2017-19 budget request in November after general school aid payments to districts are certified.

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