School Data Committee to Weigh Policy Options

img_0238The Study Committee on School Data began discussing options for committee consideration to be included in possible legislation or recommendations to the Legislature. The options were developed by Legislative Council Staff based on suggestions raised by speakers and committee members at the July and August committee meetings.  These options are intended to assist the committee by serving as a starting point for discussion. Committee members may have additional issues that they wish to present for consideration that are not included.

The options along with background information can be found in Staff Memo No. 1 and are summarized below:

Student Data Privacy Officer

  • Option 1: Require a student data privacy officer
  • Option 2: Assign responsibilities directly to DPI.

State Data Inventory

  • Option: Require a data inventory

Restriction on Collecting New Data Elements

  • Option: Prohibit DPI from collecting additional student data elements unless certain conditions are met.

Statement on Legislative Intent

  • Option: Statement of Intent included in state law regarding student data privacy and security.

Regulation of Third-Party Vendors

  • Option: Prohibit vendors from unauthorized use.

Retention and Disposition of Student Data

  • Option 1: Retention of data
  • Option 2: Disposition of data
  • Options 3: De-identified copies of disposed records

Ownership and Access to Student Data

  • Option 1: Electronic copes of student records
  • Option 2: Data backpack
  • Option 3: Ownership and access in connection with disposition and retention
  • Option 4: District support.

Study committees generally present recommendations to the Joint Legislative Council in
the form of proposed legislation. However, the committee may also make recommendations in an alternative manner, such as through a letter or report highlighting issues for further action or study by the Legislature.  WASB staff will continue to monitor the study committee and provide future updates as decisions are made.  The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for November 17 at 10am.