New DPI Emergency Rules Aim to Ease School Staffing/Teacher Shortage Issues

teacher_shortagesA new DPI emergency rule promulgated this week makes numerous changes to (PI 34) rules governing the licensure of school personnel, and aims to provide additional flexibility to individuals seeking a license for the 2016-17 school year.

The rule makes the following five specific changes:

  1. It allows Wisconsin educators who are age 55 or older and who hold, or have held, a master educator or life license to apply for a 5-year nonrenewable license without having to meet professional development requirements;
  2. It increases the number of consecutive days that a short-term substitute can be employed in the same assignment from 20 to 45 days;
  3. It expands the renewal options for emergency licenses and permits
  4. When requesting the issuance of an emergency permit, a school district must state that a search for a fully-licensed candidate was conducted and that no fully-licensed individuals were acceptable for the position. (The previous standard had been that no fully-licensed individuals were available.)
  5. It expands the number of pathways already licensed teachers can use to add certain additional licenses based on passing content tests.

These changes do not require legislative action.

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