Online Resolution Submission Now Available at

Delegate_AssemblyBoards may now submit resolutions online through the “Delegate Assembly” page at Each resolution must be adopted by the school board before submission and the deadline to submit resolutions is Sept. 15. Here are the links you can use to submit your resolutions online:


Once submitted, the resolutions received are reviewed and evaluated by the WASB’s Policy and Resolutions Committee, comprised of roughly 25 school board members from across the state and within every WASB region.  The committee determines which resolutions it recommends be advanced to the Delegate Assembly.  Resolutions turned down by the committee are still afforded an opportunity to be brought to the Delegate Assembly floor under the WASB’s Bylaws.

The WASB’s positions on policy issues are generally determined by resolutions adopted by the Delegate Assembly, which meets annually at the time of the State Education Convention in January.  One representative from each WASB member school board and each CESA board of control is entitled to vote at the Delegate Assembly.  Each member of the WASB Board of Directors are also entitled to vote at the Delegate Assembly.