School Referendums: On Second Try, One Passes, One Doesn’t

school_referendumsResults of school referendums held Aug. 9 were mixed, according to news reports and unofficial results.

Voters in the Darlington Community School District narrowly approved their referendum, while voters in the Gillett School District turned theirs down by a narrow margin.

The Darlington approval by a six-vote margin followed an April  vote in which voters turned down creating a recurring exception to the revenue limits.  The bulk of the funding approved–$8 million over five years–will be used to maintain current programs and services and address pressing facility maintenance requirements.

Based on unofficial results published on the district website, voters in the Gillett School District turned down a non-recurring referendum to exceed the revenue limits by $2.1 million over three years. The vote fell 50 votes short, with the unofficial tally recording 594 votes in favor and 644 opposed.  It was the second referendum attempt by the board this year.  In April, district voters turned  down a $3.8 million, four-year referendum by a vote of 911-787.