Legislative Council Study Committee Participants Made Public

The Legislative Council has posted a list of the applicants tentatively chosen to participate in study committees that will take an in-depth look at a number of state issues this summer. Participants named in these lists must still be approved by a vote of the full Joint Legislative Council. A ballot has been sent to Council members, and the results will be tabulated and available after Friday (June 17).

Margaret Murphy, Board Clerk of the Neenah School Board was chosen to serve on the Legislative Council Study Committee on School Data. Eight of the nine public members tentatively named to that committee have strong ties to schools.

This study committee is tasked with reviewing all student data gathered by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the data security measures that protect student privacy. The committee will study whether the data is required by federal law, state statute, or administrative rule and the purposes for which the data is utilized, and consider developing legislation to limit the types of student data collected by DPI and to improve the security of that data.

No school board members, school administrators or school staff were named to serve on the Legislative Council study committees on Rural Broadband or on Publication of Government Documents and Legal Notices.

Thanks to all school board members who applied to serve on these committee.  Your interest and effort  is appreciated.