Seeking School Board Members to Provide Feedback on ESSA Plan

Last week, State Superintendent Tony Evers announced several listening sessions to inform implementation of the new federal education law the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in Wisconsin.

We want to call  your attention to the listening session that will be held in Eau Claire on July 27 at the Metropolis Hotel.  This session will be open to educators and non-educators alike; however, you must receive an invitation in order to participate.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Dan Rossmiller or Chris Kulow and we will make sure you receive an invite.

Invited participants will receive background materials in advance and will not be expected to testify or make any sort of presentation.  Instead, each participant will be asked to listen to series of short presentations.  After each presentation you will be asked to discuss what you heard with others at your small table. The DPI will provide note takers at each table.

Under ESSA, states are charged with creating their own accountability models (plans) and will play a much bigger role in determining interventions for low-performing schools than they did under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  ESSA calls for many stakeholders to be consulted in defining the state’s plan:

“For any State desiring to receive a grant under this part, the State educational agency shall file with the Secretary a plan that is … developed by the State educational agency with timely and meaningful consultation with the Governor, members of the State legislature … local educational agencies (including those located in rural areas), representatives of Indian tribes located in the State, teachers, principals, other school leaders, charter school leaders specialized instructional support personnel, paraprofessionals, administrators, other staff and parents.”

The WASB encourages school board members to be among the stakeholders whose voices will be heard.