Efforts to Assess Teacher Shortage Impacts Coming Soon

The Professional Standards Council (PSC) is a statutorily established council designed to assist and advise the state superintendent in improving teacher preparation, licensure and regulation, with a primary focus on classroom teaching.*

The WASB nominates two school board members to serve on this council, which has recently devoted much of its attention on advising the DPI on teacher shortage and teacher talent development issues. Currently, Peggy Hill-Breunig, President of the Waunakee School Board, and Dr. Gary Williams, President of the Brown Deer School Board, represent school boards and the WASB on the PSC.

Over the past year, the PSC has discussed a number of possible initiatives, including surveying stakeholder groups (school districts, teacher preparation programs and teachers themselves) in order to get a better handle on the supply of teachers and the shortage issues facing school districts.

A key concern of both the PSC and the DPI is ensuring an adequate supply of high quality teachers for Wisconsin school districts.  This includes assessing how we prepare people to become quality teachers and school leaders, how we attract quality people to the teacher/leader profession and to shortage areas and how we retain quality teachers and school leaders.

It appears the DPI may be announcing some interesting new developments in this area fairly soon.  This will likely include the DPI taking a number of steps recommended by the PSC to try to get a better handle on teacher shortage issues by gathering feedback from school districts and teacher training institutions and convening regional meetings to review the data. We will be reporting on these developments in future blog posts.

*The purpose of this advisory council is to help ensure the quality of Wisconsin’s teaching profession by recommending to the state superintendent a set of standards regarding licensure and evaluation of teachers, evaluation and approval of teacher education programs, the status of teaching in Wisconsin, and school board practices to develop effective teaching and peer mentoring programs.

Council members include representatives of school boards, teachers employed in public elementary, middle and high schools and tribal schools, pupil services personnel, special education teachers, school district administrators, principals, faculty members from public and private Schools of Education in the state, parents of public school students, and students enrolled in teacher preparatory program.