April Advocacy Tip: Select A Legislative Liaison

This month we would like to encourage school boards to designate a member to be their board’s Legislative Liaison.  The main responsibility of this person is providing regular updates to their board on what’s happening in the state legislature.

We know school board members are busy and WASB works hard to make being a Legislative Liaison easy.  Let us do the work for you!  There are several different ways to get the information you’ll need:

  • Follow the Legislative Update Blog for real time updates as things happen; or
  • If you prefer e-mail, the Legislative Newsletter is sent every Friday and recaps the news for that week; or
  • If you’re a social media user: access info on our Twitter timeline & Facebook page

Print out the e-mails in advance or access the blog or social media on your computer or mobile device and you have what you need to give a summary to your fellow board members.

Other responsibilities for Legislative Liaisons can include (based on your board’s policy):

  • Contact the governor and/or state legislators on key issues and in response to special alerts from the WASB.  Again, we will supply talking points and sample materials to you to use.
  • Help organize or begin holding regular meetings with your legislators to build relationships.


Your board can assign these and other duties to a single member, several members or even form a committee.

State and federal legislation has a direct impact on the choices and decisions made locally. By getting involved and making your voice heard, you have the power to shape the laws, rules and regulations passed down from state and federal lawmakers.

Next month we will discuss the WASB Legislative Contact Network.