The WASB Board of Directors Sets the WASB’s Legislative Agenda

The WASB Legislative Agenda is approved annually by the WASB Board of Directors and is posted on the WASB website. (Click here to view.)

Among other things, the Legislative Agenda aims to set out priorities for how the WASB Government Relations team will allocate its time and energy.

The WASB’s Legislative Agenda is developed with input from the WASB staff and typically changes from legislative session to legislative session. These changes are based in part on what the WASB Government Relations team believes the Legislature is willing to take up, which varies from session to session according to factors such as which party controls the Legislature and governor’s office, and what the state’s fiscal situation is, etc.

What remains constant, however, is that the Legislative Agenda is guided and informed by the resolutions adopted by the WASB Delegate Assembly.  Once adopted by board member delegates at the Delegate Assembly, these resolutions are more or less permanent. They remain in force until amended or repealed.

In general terms, the purpose of the resolutions is to set forth general guiding principles for the WASB to follow in its legislative advocacy. They are not intended not to define the WASB’s position so rigidly that the Government Relations team cannot respond to legislators when they offer alternatives or compromise solutions that may accomplish the same purpose. Having flexibility is helpful when the WASB’s lobbyists are presented with alternative ways of accomplishing the policy goal a resolution sets forth.

It is important to recognize that while the resolutions adopted by delegates and contained in the WASB Resolutions book generally determine and/or help to inform the WASB’s positions on policy issues and guide the WASB’s legislative advocacy efforts, they are not the same as the WASB’s Legislative Agenda.

Nevertheless, the resolutions are important.  The WASB Government Relations team has been contacting legislative offices and talking with lawmakers about sponsoring bills based on the resolutions adopted by the 2016 WASB Delegate Assembly in January. We will report to you about these efforts in the future.