Senate Education Committee Vote Postponed on Crime Reporting Mandate Bill

The Senate Education Committee today postponed a vote on Assembly Bill 517, which would impose a statewide mandate on high schools to report certain crime-related incidents to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).  State Sen. Luther Olsen, chairman of the committee, announced the vote had been “postponed” in response to concerns from the WASB and others.

The WASB had previously provided a memo to committee members detailing our concerns.

The WASB opposes this bill. The bill, in its present form, places the responsibility for reporting these incidents on school officials rather than law enforcement agencies which have these statistics and provides no additional funding for school districts to cover the additional costs and responsibilities the bill mandates.

We also have concerns that it uses a local ordinance definition of “disorderly conduct” rather than the definition in state statutes.  Local ordinances can differ widely in their definitions of disorderly conduct, making comparisons inaccurate or misleading.

WASB will monitor the situation and let you know when/if the bill is rescheduled for a committee vote. In the meantime, if you share the WASB’s concerns, please contact members of the Senate Education Committee to let them know.

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