Committee Vote Today on Amendment to Cut Public Schools $14.2 Million

The Assembly Education Committee will vote this afternoon (Feb. 10) on a new amendment (Assembly Amendment 3) to AB 751 that, according to a memo by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB), will have a detrimental fiscal effect on school districts impacted by the Racine and statewide voucher programs.  The LFB estimates the loss in revenue limit authority under the amendment (as compared to current law) to be $14.2 million spread across the 142 affected districts.  This loss would be duplicated each year with each new class of voucher participants.

Once again, the bottom line on Assembly Amendment 3: if your district has resident students in the statewide or Racine voucher programs, under this amendment, you will lose revenue limit authority and you will likely have to pay for your aid lost to vouchers by reducing educational opportunities for the children that remain in your district.  We strongly oppose these efforts and urge you to keep the pressure on state lawmakers. See WASB’s memo to lawmakers.

Please take a few minutes to contact your assembly Representative as well as your state Senator.  For your convenience in doing so, we have provided links to the Assembly Directory and to Find My Legislators (top right there is an address field to look up your lawmakers).

***PLEASE contact members of the Education Committee today before the vote at 1:30 pm. This is especially crucial if your school district is in or near their Assembly districts.***

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