Assembly Education Committee Advances $14.2 Million Cut to Public Schools

Today the Assembly Committee on Education recommended passage of Assembly Bill 751 as amended by Assembly Amendment 3, which (see previous post) will have a detrimental fiscal effect on 142 school districts currently impacted by the Racine and statewide voucher programs.

The amended bill is scheduled to be voted on by the full Assembly next Tuesday, Feb. 16.

During the debate, Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay) announced his intention to introduce a floor amendment next Tuesday that would allow school districts to increase revenue limits by an amount equal to the voucher aid reduction for the first two years.  It was not clear whether his amendment would have any support.

The Education Committee adopted Assembly Amendment 3 on a 9-5 vote, that ran along party lines with the exception of Rep. Kitchens who voted “No.”  AB 751 as amended was recommended on a party-line vote with all GOP members voting in favor.

We will be shifting our focus to the state Senate who would have to agree to the Assembly action if it is to advance to the governor.  Please contact your state Senator with your strong opposition to Assembly Amendment 3 to Assembly Bill 751.  It is crunch time folks! Thank you to all WASB members who contacted their legislators in the last few days.