Statewide Voucher Expansion Continues As New Private Schools Register to Participate

The state Department of Public Instruction (DPI) today announced that 135 private and religious schools have registered to accept students in 2016-17 through the statewide parental choice program, up from 98 in the previous year.

That includes 23 schools that previously participated in the Milwaukee or Racine voucher programs that have now applied to accept students through the statewide voucher program. There were also 31 new private schools applying to participate in the statewide voucher program that have not previously participated in a voucher program.

The DPI also announced 19 private and religious schools registered to accept students through the Racine voucher program.  The list of schools includes one new school that currently participates in the Milwaukee and Statewide Parental Choice programs.

The deadline for private schools to register to participate in both the Racine and the statewide voucher programs was Jan. 10.

DPI news release on the statewide program
DPI news release on the Racine program