Bill Would Permit School Boards to Allow Concealed Carry Firearms in Schools

A pair of lawmakers have proposed a bill to allow concealed carry (CCW) permit holders to carry guns on school grounds–and, in some cases, in school buildings.

The authors of the proposal, Senate President Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) and Rep. Rob Brooks (R-Saukville), say their proposal is intended to make sure weapons permit holders aren’t inadvertently committing crimes when they drop their kids off at school.

The current Gun Free Schools Zones law prohibits a person , including a CCW permit holder, from possessing a firearm on the grounds of a school.  Under the proposed bill, a person who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon could possess a firearm on the grounds of a school but would be prohibited from possessing a firearm in a building on the grounds of a school if instruction is provided to students in the building and if the building has signs posted at all entrances that notify the licensee not to enter or remain in the building while possessing a firearm.

Essentially, the bill would open school grounds to concealed weapons carried by permit holders but would allow a school board to continue to post certain school buildings to prohibit CCW permit  holders from carrying weapons into those buildings where instruction is conducted much as they do under current law.

If passed, the proposal would likely mean that school boards could not prevent permit holders from carrying guns at events such as high school football  games or at basketball games played in field houses in which  student instruction is not provided.

The proposal, currently  being circulated for co-signers, has not been introduced yet so it doesn’t have a bill number.

Under the proposal, a CCW permit holder who violates the prohibition would be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor unless the permit holder has a malicious intent, in which case they would be guilty of a Class I felony.  (Currently, it is a Class I felony under current law to violate the prohibition on possessing a firearm on school grounds or school buildings.)

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